Still Life ll: An Exhibition dedicated to the life works of Amanda Marks
(1958 - 2007)       held   9.8.08 - 17.08.08
Amanda Marks, born in Zimbabwe,  came to live in Australia : initially in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, then south, in 1998.
Amanda studied art at the University of Cape Town and at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. After battling an
illness, Amanda died at the end of 2007; she is survived by her husband, Simon Pettit and daughter Natasha Pettit Marks.
At the opening, Simon paid tribute to Amanda and her work.      

Still Life ll is an adjunct of the exhibition, Still Life, a retrospective held earlier this year at the Palm House, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney.
It was a chance for local people in both Bundeena and Maianbar, who were unable to attend the initial exhibition, along with visitors to the
Royal National Park, to spend time with and enjoy these paintings. 

Amanda was a highly valued member of Kogarah Intensive English Centre for almost 17 years. During this time Amanda was passionate
and committed to creating programs that inspired and gave all students opportunities to appreciate art, explore their own creative talents
whilst acquiring literacy skills that increased their level of language proficiency.

Collections:      Curtin University, Western Australia;
                            Hong Kong Bank;
                            College of Arts, Sydney;
                            Kepner Tregoe Australasia;
                            Private Collections in Australia, Africa, USA and the UK.       
                            Salon des Refuses finalist 1996: Les Murray - a way of life.

Tributes :
'One of the artists who painted him was an elegant ex-Zimbabwean, Amanda Marks: her portrait of Murray, seen from behind seated in a little boat, pleased him immensely while she was working on it ...' This inspired Murray's poem 'Amanda's Painting'.
                                                     Peter F. Alexander: Les Murray - A Life in Progress. Oxford University Press (2000).

Berrima District Art Society:1997 Alvro Open Painting Prize;Certificate of Merit for painting Bronte Patio
'Highly Commended.' Judge:Gary Shead - "Quite wonderful to control so many colors in such a small picture."