Jenny Weissel

Jenny Weissel

paper stories from my land

June 5th - 6th

Jenny is a former horticulturist, psychologist and teacher and now writer, bad pianist, and paper artist working from her studio at Maianbar in the Royal National Park.

Because of her love for the Australian landscape Jenny’s paper works evolve mostly from indigenous and natural plant fibres, dyes, and found objects. From these sources she works in various paper formats from handmade paper sheets and stationery, to artworks, photography, and sculptures.

Jenny is a member of several paper artist organisations including the International Association of Hand Paper Artists, Hand Papermaking in the US, Papermakers of Victoria, and Southern Papermakers in Sydney. Since embarking on her journey into handmade paper art a few years ago, Jenny has exhibited in Israel, Melbourne, Mandurah in Western Australia, and locally.


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